THE JOB BOOK: Find Yourself and a Job in 30



A dentist, developer, and philanthropist maps out an action plan to get the job one really wants in this personal and professional development guide.

For debut author Regni with Diane Phillips, the only way to “function at one’s best in the work force, let alone one’s true dream career,” is by “stepping up to higher awareness of yourself and what you want.” He offers “small, digestible, and very doable steps” to aid in this quest. He first asks readers to identify their own special attributes by recalling activities that they enjoyed as children, before negative forces (such as parents, teachers, or spouses) crushed those inclinations. He then outlines positive and negative habits to “invite” or “avoid” on the job: one should be a good listener, for example, and avoid gossiping. He also includes a worksheet to track whether one deserves a “+” or “-” on any given day. The author spends about a third of the book offering an array of job descriptions and growth charts, as if to underscore his assertion that “Career options that fit are abundant, not scarce!” He also emphasizes the importance of networking with another worksheet, which sets forth a plan to make new connections each week. Personal accountability is Regni’s byword in this book. He notes in his bio, for example, that he was prompted to write this book (with co-writer Phillips, a life coach) after hearing patients express job-hunting concerns and feeling “responsible for doing something about it.” Overall, though, he offers rather basic information that is readily available elsewhere, and he sometimes states the obvious (such as what funeral directors do or that social media is important). That said, the strength of this book lies in its exercises, which reinforce the idea that readers must step up to take charge of their own career searches and development. For instance, after he wraps up the book with a variety of tips and websites for resume creation and job hunting, he adds a final worksheet to record how one spends one’s day and to determine one’s “ideal lifestyle.” Overall, it’s a simple but still empowering primer. KIRKUS Press


“An upbeat, clear-cut career accountability kick-starter.”

“The book is an easy read and I found myself happily immersed. Actually, it is so empowering to an individual. I feel as though……”


“Great idea for an overall book! I like the exercises and if people don’t want to do them they can always opt out. …….”

MATH Books , Math Times & Addition tables to Music

 “I enjoy listening to the music with my child. We couldn’t bear
the, ‘Talk down to kids’ programs that we tried earlier.” S.J., Parent

“My children are almost grown now, but I wish they’d had this
program earlier because their churning drudgery caused many
pitfalls.”  B.Pendry

“My grandchildren will have much better opportunity!”  P.S., grandparent

“I laughed and laughed because math is fun this way!”  S.L., age 4 ½

“As a parent of two, I want my kids to love math and have fun with it.
They don’t teach fun math in school! Listening to Piece of Cake Math
completely handled my concern.”  K.L., parent

“I love math!” T.N.,  age 3

“I was totally captivated by the whole CD. I am very
protective of my son and his well-being. Your material
is right there – I’ve been around children all my
and this program is the best! ”  D.C., parent

“As a grandparent, I listened to all the audios of the different music pieces teaching math…sang along with them all!

 “I enjoy listening to the music with my child.”  N.Mayer


“Loved the success stories by the children in regards to their math and Art!  We YOUNG at Heart can relate to all of this and it keeps our spark of learning foremost

in our heart & mind. I wish I had this program when I was in school.”

Marchia Minor, Director of, HEALTHY REFERRAL

MindYourBodyandSpirit radio show

SMALL & MANNERS(eK4K) videos:

“My daughter thought they were fabulous. Kids liked so much they watched
several times!!! Great concept!! Fun, creative and educational. Great combo.”

Rick/ grandfather, Fl..


My daughter Amelia and I saw the videos and it was quite enjoyable.  She was immediately interested when she heard the girls voice and came running over.  She watched them and then wanted to watch them again.  It all made sense to her and she understood that this was information she could use.  She asked why the girl was the Queen of the Best of Everything and thought asked if she was bragging.  We read over how she wants the “best of everything for everyone” and that made sense to her.


The recording were very clear and the animation worked well.  The other day I was able to bring up the concept of appreciation and the video when Amelia said something not so nice about momma’s dinner.  She got it.

 Thanks, it’s really good stuff!

Dominique father, Indiana


1 minute Art Lessons

“My son is interested in going to Art Museums and in drawing for the first time”
M.G. American Artist and Dad.


“ I am an teacher with no experience in art Ed. I find I can teach Art easily following your art lessons. I
get excellent results”
P.H. Elementary Teacher


“With your Art Lessons I don’t have to do all the work because they are simple for my child to follow”
P.P. parent of a 6 year old”


“I was surprised to see how much my drawing actually looked like the things I was drawing”

O.H. age 14


Art Lessons For Children of ALL

Ages book