Over three decades of experience spanning the globe
that includes working with Fortune 100 executives and corporations,
Nobel Prize winners, radio and TV programming and production,
school curriculum development and author. Expert in personal
and professional 
development of executive leaders
and their teams, driving impactfull outcomes and systematic solutions.



Diane Phillips is an outstanding mentor who has helped me significantly
Every time I talk with her, I come away with a new appreciation of my own abilities
and a greater desire to confront any non-optimum conditions in my life.
The most valuable thing Diane has done for me is help me improve the ability to pro-
actively create the life I want, rather than wait around for things to happen to me.
As a performer and professional musician, I have also really improved my comfort level when performing on stage and developed effective ways to deal with any nerves that come up. This has been so helpful!

Elizabeth Strickland
Classical pianist


Following personal engagement by the President & CEO, Diane Phillips worked with TRM Corporation for some three years, throughout period of complete business transformation. Di Phillips made a unique and powerful contribution to the business and its senior leaders, primarily by assisting with leadership development and by introducing highly refined performance management techniques. As Managing Director of the UK and Canadian business, I had the pleasure of working closely with Di both on matters of personal development but also in assisting a sometimes inexperienced management team introduce new performance and process controls throughout a rapidly expanding operation. Phillips is extremely skilled at assessing personal development. She can match strengths and fit these to business needs most effectively; she can quickly gain the complete confidence of the most senior, and the most junior  people in an organization. She has an extraordinary ability to identify “root cause” issues and guide attention to  systematic solutions. Di was particularly successful at introducing a lasting “key performance”; framework and associated business process development, her focus on the personal engagement with the front line customer was legendary. Without doubt, Di Phillips made a substantial and valued contribution to this organization.

Ashley S. Dean, Managing Director. TRM



People are much more able than they realize. Unlocking that uniquely personal potential is key to a successful life. Diane is one of the few very special people out there who can help one unlock that potential. It’s this gift that makes her so special and the one I choose to go to when facing barriers that are holding me back from the next level. For me her blend of keen insight, warm humour and extreme personal care mean that I would recommend Diane’s Mentoring services to anyone interested in maximizing their potential. She is simply that good.

Dr. Christopher Woodhead, U.K.



I cannot imagine my life without you as a constant reminder of being the best version of
myself. I still remember the beautiful sunny day when I met you. ( It has been a journey:). As I reflect on life and how we evolve, I know I am so aware of all the truths of life and I am living a great life. These truths and tools that I have in my life all started the day I met you. You gave me the first basic truth of cause and effect. Everything in our lives is there from us. I have been through many struggles in my life that I have met straight- on, to create who I am today. As we continue to work together, I look forward to growing and living my true authentic life and helping our universe become a better place to live. I am a beautiful being living a blessed life. I am an amazing father (my children are the center of my world), a true loving friend and brother to all those around me. I share my truths and live as an example to others. I am lucky to have abundant, meaningful relationships with beautiful people I chose to bring into my life. I enjoy the true pleasures in life that make me happy – reading, cooking, traveling, and fitness. I am living a passionate purpose-driven life. Diane, for this I have 1 trillion thank you’ s and love, as you opened up my world and have always been there for me from the very first day I met you.

Tony Altomare, Pa. Entrepreneur



Through her mentorship and feedback I have been able to tap into my own true potential.  I have grown my team and department fourfold and have been able to access and influence the senior leadership of a Fortune 500 company – all within the first year of beginning my new position. Diane has been instrumental in helping me identify patterns and behavior that were not contributing to forward momentum in both myself and my team and course correct immediately. Di has helped with understanding the importance of reinforcing the positive and always keeping internal and external PR of utmost importance. Senior members of my team have consistently commented that they have not experienced such an upward trajectory of expansive growth in their careers. Di has been instrumental in not only honing my leadership skills but as a life mentor has given me a holistic view to enable the balance of life, family and career. Di is an invaluable team member on my personal board and has played a direct role in my career, financial and leadership success.

-Daphne Zargar, Global Manager, Connected Vehicle Systems, General Motors