What is eK4K?  (e Kids 4 Kids):

A Division of, Make A Dif! inc., eK4K was created by Diane Phillips to incite imagination and creativity in children, for the benefit of children.

What does it cost my child to be a part of eK4K?

Make A Dif! inc. is free for the child/creator to join. Each young artist is mentored by Diane Phillips, or by one of our many accomplished mentors.

Is eK4K safe for my child to use?

Every participant and Guardian will have a signed contract of Agreement and an exchange for his fine work. All eK4K products are designed to uplift and to entertain ethically.

"SMALL" book audio version


"SMALL" book text version


"SMALL" Video Version


what feels good -audio version

what feels good-text version


what feels good-video