“Learning skills in  1minute that last a    lifetime!”


A unique educational concept of e-books and apps, created by award- winning artist, author and educator, Diane Phillips.

In an age of technology, worldwide, where learning about anything, anywhere or anyone is at one’s fingertip or voice command, the effective way to teach must comply with the demand.

1 minute learning simplifies complex subjects by providing new skills in 1 minute lesson. Once a skill is digested and well- used the next step arrives!
Learning is fast and skills are retained for life! Easily learned skills, like, art, marketing, financial basics, setting up a new business, no fear public speaking, leadership skills, each taught by successful mentors. These necessary skills are often missing in schools, yet, are essential in life.





Remember taking lessons which went on and on and on with rules, etc. while you wondered, ‘Where’s the meat?” thinking, “I’ll never be able to: _______!

Fast results create interest in learning more!

With more than 60% of families working away from their children, and a demand for fast results, the simplest of skills, taught by parents a generation ago at home, like math tables, manners, hygiene, etc. may not  be taught or accessible.


1 minute learning provides vital skills rapidly to any age that are retained for life!








No matter whether 1 skill is mastered in a subject or you become a master of that subject, learning a skill quickly holds interest and is useful throughout life.

In our time where we are crying for useful skills, accomplishable in an instant, and if not, are deleted or tuned -out.

 1 minute learning comes to you from masters who know their stuff, who enjoy exceptional skills and secrets of success that were earned over a lifetime. 





 Each fun lesson expands awareness, communication and incites imagination while providing basic art skills taught in one minute. Whether you master a skill or all available you will benefit and have fun doing it.  Choose the lessons you want, or all 43!  Ages 2-92.




Marketing lesson 1 to 4 free.







1 minute pathway to success lesson 1 free











Questions to answer before creating art:

Why do you create artistically?

  • For myself.
  • To communicate something I appreciate.
  • To put ideas across to other/s as I see or understand them.
  • To help imagination skills, memory or awareness.
  • For fun.


Are you interested in:

  • Free time creative activities?
  • To supplement school activities, knowing that creative needs were reduced?
  • Helping yourself or another to freely originate ideas, rather than just taking in data?
  • 43 art lessons that may be done without outside supervision, allowing each to do them at their own comfortable speed?
  • Art lessons that require little theory, or supplies, yet with purpose and satisfying results?


If you answered, ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, check out our

FREE 1 minute art lesson!