“The purpose of Make A Dif! inc, a non- profit

organization: is to mentor, simply and effectively, by making learning

anything easy and fun, resulting in useful life skills. Our mentors are passionate

leaders who educate artfully..


                 Making a Difference, by mentoring:

We incite creativity and the freedom of creativity.
We provide you with more options.  
New skills are applied effortlessly.
You team-up with accomplished professionals, and are in the drivers’
seat in no time!


We make learning anything a piece of cake!


Our mentors are not only top professionals –

they are exceptional coaches!

Our mentors get fast results.



Inciting imagination and expanding awareness, through personal
achievement. When it comes to the very young, we reach the
child before he or she starts to lose. We encourage and support
each child through presenting what he or she wants to achieve.
We provide what the child is really interested in. When we unite
them with a mentor who has already achieved in that area, you
have a win-win situation for both the child, parent, student and
mentor! Children, parents and children- at- heart will listen to
achievers! Make a Dif! is not a ‘fact machine’. It is a magically
inspired gift, for fast, easy learning from those who know how to
make learning skills entertaining, and a piece of cake!











                                 For a child:

Once the child becomes a ‘professional’, whose works are
purchased and positively reaching others broadly, there
is reason and desire to flourish, by learning practical life skills.

Children have the goal to be treated like a grownup. Once a pro.,
they have latitude and are interested in skills for success.


By learning useful life skills, children won’t have
to be dependent upon somebody else to achieve




                                For our future:

Learners and mentors with a shared purpose; = fast results and a
sense of achievement for both..

Keen interest, by both child and mentor.

Companies welcoming mentors who pass the flag to future
employees who apply their skills faster which
means return on invested energy for the whole.





By 7- year- old Vincent Solari, designed by Diane Phillips.
79, fully illustrated pages, magical adventures
and giggles in every chapter.



Sample Snuggle Teaser

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Is there a need for manners? !!!


This delightful video offers manners skills.

Entertaining, not preachy. Called, WHAT FEELS GOOD, after
surveying kids’ feedback, from ages 3-23, rather than MANNERS

(Available as an animated video, downloadable text and a downloadable audio.)


Sample Manners video


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SMALL, 24 illustrated pages written by 10- year- old, Annie Lund, illustrated
by 11- year -old Alexandre Hamilton, read by 10 -year- old Christina Phou-
Available as an eK4K audio book, downloadable/printable book and a video book.

Charming and funny Miss Lund shares her experiences as the second smallest person
in her 4 th grade class.

In the end, with all her heart, Annie’s positive message is a positive remedy to
bullying… and self -esteem.

Sample SMALL Video


Buy now:     Video $2.99

                       Audio $2.99

                       Downloadable $2.99


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